Why Use GDP

GDP is trusted by businesses both small and large to manage their document needs. Our customers save time and money, in addition to an efficient workflow. This includes our service and fantastic support. Contact us at

Save Money

Gordon Document Products prides itself on making sure our customers save money through our services while improving your workflow. In a study published by the Gartner Group, office printing consumes a staggering 1 to 3 percent of a company’s annual revenue. Most of these businesses don’t have a measurable cost control to combat this expenditure.

We can help you save money by improving the document management process, providing electronic form conversion, saving you and your employees time by monitoring the ink levels and meters, properly configuring your machines for optimal performance, and our energy efficient models will even save money on your electric bill.

Improve Workflow

Many companies underestimate the importance of streamlining their workflow. A more efficient workflow means less time and money spent organizing your documents, and this is an area we specialize in. Instead of printing out paper work, writing in ink on the page, scanning it in, and hoping you remembered to label your file so you can find it in the sea of documents on your computer or server, let us help you find it faster.

Our document management software will let you scan a form in, turn it into an e-form template, send it to a database and organize it into folders, all while making every word on the page searchable at any time. Even something as simple as correct document routing can save you thousands of dollars and time spent on wrestling with the issue.