Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions – – A Brief Overview.
Document management solutions and software provide the ability to capture documents in electronic format and store them on a network or in the cloud for your employees to access almost instantaneously. It allows administrators to know who has accessed files and who has made changes. It allows administrators to allow or deny file access to individual users or groups. Approved users can easily access their documents by searching on key words or actual content within the file from any mobile device or PC.

Document management solutions are designed specifically for data contained in structured documents and files like Word, PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets, PDF, and other popular formats. Their purpose is primarily to digitize and archive files, and track and manage new documents throughout their life-cycle, as they are written, revised and updated.

  • Easy Document Digital Conversion
  • Instant Document Access Any-time, Anywhere
  • Reduce Paper, Storage And Faxing Costs
  • Safeguard Data
  • Reduce Off-Site Storage Needs

Types of Document Management Solutions
Simple Storage and Retrieve
The most basic document management solutions are simple storage and retrieve solutions. Various type of document are scanned via an MFP, a stand-alone scanner or uploaded with a PC or Mac to a central file storage device or to the cloud. Each document is processed thru an optical character recognition software that indexes important words into a searchable database. This allows the user to search for the requested document with relevant keywords for easy retrieval.

Storage and retrieve solutions like FileAssist from Konica Minolta and ScanDoc from Muratec are an inexpensive solutions for the budget conscious consumer who is looking to reduce on-site document storage, safeguard important information while allowing instant access to documents from anywhere with internet access.

Capture, Store and Route
This is a full document management solution that allows users to scan and store electronic files on a local server or in the cloud. It will also allow quick and easy access of stored files where multiple users can view and markup documents. Administrators have control of permissions and access of electronics files. This solution provides automated flow of electronic files through your business process and offers secure access to electronic files anywhere.

Selecting the right document management solution that meets your requirements and is within your budget can be quite challenging. Document Management specialist at Gordon Document Products are willing to guide you the process. Contact us today for a free company-wide or department-wide workflow assessment that will allow us to accurately gauge your business needs. From there will present you with a solution that will ultimately improve your business workflow, reduce time and labor cost associated with manual processes.