GDP manufactures and burns our own biodiesel fuel from recycled vegetable oil. As a reflection of our commitment to our community, not only do we collect waste vegetable oil from our partner restaurants, we also manufacture the fuel in our custom designed processing facility. Gordon Document Products is one of the first companies in the United States to manufacture biodiesel for its own use!

Perfect Circle ( is a renewable energy company making waves in the liquid fuels distribution market through biodiesel production made from restaurant yellow grease. Perfect Circle grows by soliciting restaurants for more deep fryer oil while continuing to look for more efficient means of collection, production, and distribution. Perfect Circle aims to be the largest yellow grease biodiesel producer in the Southeast region within the next five years.
Perfect Circle provides custom collection containers and systems that satisfy individual restaurant partner’s needs. We also plumb large collection areas such as food courts into central holding areas. This reduces the time and liability of tenants and property managers by allowing for more efficient yellow grease disposal.

Perfect Circle Renewable Energy was started by John Gordon at the encouragement of his son Spencer Gordon in 2005. John began collecting restaurant deep fryer oil and processing the fuel in his twenty-five year old office equipment company’s warehouse at Gordon Document Products. Gordon Document Products began using the biodiesel in its company fleet in order to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint. In 2007, Spencer moved back to Atlanta to take the reins from his Dad. Since then the company has grown from 8 restaurants to more than 150 and from 1 biodiesel customer to more than 15.

Reducing Our Impact

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, every new system GDP carries meets the new Energy Star certification guidelines:

*25% greater energy efficiency on average, while delivering the same performance as less efficient conventional equipment.

*Consuming about half the electricity of standard models and powering down when not in use.

*Ability to print on double-sided (duplex) pages, reducing both copying and paper costs.

*Running cooler and lasting longer than conventional equipment, so businesses can also save on air conditioning and maintenance costs.

Because office equipment often runs for long periods of time (even 24 hours a day), Energy Star certification can result in significant corporate savings. Imaging products with the new Energy Star specification will save more than $3 billion over the next 5 years – and avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 4 million cars. Even in a small home office, an imaging product with Energy Star certification can save $115 over its working life.

Environmental Printing Tips

Gordon Document Products encourages our clients to conserve energy and reduce paper consumption by following simple printing tips that also improve productivity. Most products we offer can be automatically programmed to save paper and enter Power Saving modes. Here are a few printing tips we follow that could help your office as well:

*Setting print drivers to automatically print double-sided prints (Auto Duplex).

*Shifting each device to “Power Save Setting” after sitting idle for a selected interval.

*Printing presentation handouts and other documents at least “2 UP” to combine several slides on to one page.

*Using energy-saving mode settings on multifunction printers outside of normal business hours.

*Printing to devices that are energy efficient, productive, and cost-effective – even if this means expanding internal energy while walking away from our desks to use centrally located devices.

*Consolidating imaging devices with one centrally located multifunction printer that uses less energy.

*Using recycled paper when possible.